The Dagger™ Magazine

The Dagger is the ultimate true crime research magazine of the H Division Crime Club. The must have companion to the real crime enthusiast. Boasting regular features, including crime related news, reviews and profiles of famous crimes and criminals. The Dagger also aims to become the prestige destination for crime researchers and enthusiasts alike.

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“The Dagger is packed full of the most fascinating true crime stories from across the world.”

A high quality, professionally designed project, The Dagger will be published quarterly, and will be offered in both easy to download PDF format for your computer, smart phone, tablet or Kindle and hard copy print formats. Back issues will also be made available, along with non-membership subscription options available.

H-Division: Crime Club UK

The Dagger aims to represent not only an ideal accompaniment to H-Division’s own quarterly meetings, but also a stand alone option for those unable to regularly attend such events.

How do I get the Dagger True Crime Magazine?

Subscribing to the Dagger Crime magazine couldnt be easier. When you join H Division Crime Club you will automatically receive the Dagger quarterly crime magazine straight to your home. Check out our membership page for more details.

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