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Former Police Officer Paul Harrison gives his talk Inside a Mind of A Serial Killer.

Paul has interviewed over 70 of the worlds worst serial killers and mass murderers, and was one of the first British Policemen to work with the  FBI Behavioural Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia.

In Pauls long awaited talk, you will hear some of the most controversial conversations he has had with the Worlds most Terrifying Killers. Hear from Paul why the  Yorkshire Ripper was ‘scared’ of him. Learn, what drove Robert Maudsley, the UK’s real-life Hannibal Lecter, to kill, and why he’s kept in an ‘all-glass’ cell. The Amityville Murders; what Ronald DeFeo said to be fearful of when Paul spent the night at the house of horror.

This talk will give you a chilling insight into the world of the most twisted minds, and will cover twelve of Paul’s infamous interviews. Teamed with a visual presentation hear the killers stories in there own words!

Tickets limited £5pp