What is H:Division- Crime Club UK?

Quite simply the only true crime club of its kind anywhere in the world. Established in 2014, H:Division- Crime Club UK started life from a community of true crime and history enthusiasts, looking for a social calendar of regular events and meet ups.

We originally started as a small group studying the crimes of Jack the Ripper and the East End of London but soon grew to cover all aspects of crime in the UK and abroad. When forming the new club we decided to name ourselves after the police unit that hunted Jack the Ripper – a sort of homage to where we started and a reference to the ultimate crime mystery. Thus H Division was born.

Our members also find the Crime Club a valuable research tool and help line either when investigating

A club for crime / history enthusiasts

All our members share a wide range of crime interests, from the classic criminal cases of the Victorian era right the way through the 20th century up to and including the modern day crime investigations. We also have a deep interest in the historical aspects associated with each unique case and our members also include experts in the scientific and psychological aspects of crime investigation.


A club for researchers and students

Our members also find the Crime Club a valuable research tool and help line either when investigating a new project, writing a book or studying. Our connections in the field have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help any enthusiast.

Social meet-ups and events

One of the most important and fun elements of any club/society is the social aspect. We hold regular meetings and crime events across the UK. These meetings usually run as either a day out or even 2-3 day weekends and include expert talks/tours and visits to locations relating to the history of UK crime. We also combine this with more lighthearted, social elements such as quizzes, dinners, talks, documentaries and much more.



Our club organisers and founder members have a track record of hosting some of the best crime events across the UK including Cardiff, Oxford, York, Nottingham and all over London. We are also part of the organising committee for the Ultimate true crime event:  The Official UK ‘Jack the Ripper’ Crime Conference, a weekend dedicated to the world’s greatest mystery, gathering experts and enthusiasts from all around the world. Check out more at www.crimeconference.com

Did you know?

Fun Fact: Our club name, H:DIVISION, is actually taken from the investigation department who hunted Jack the Ripper throughout the Autumn of terror 1888.

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